Frozen food is kind of lame. The packaging is covered with empty promises, and the frozen isles are stocked with one soggy, meat-filled burrito after another.

That is, until your eyes gaze upon Plant Daddy Plates, born to bring life and excitement to this sea of outdated clutter. Our packaging embraces colorful gradients that represent the perfect combination of health and taste with a pinch of old school diner nostalgia. Opening your freezer to Plant Daddy products is like dropping a disco ball in your grandmas living room (you'll never think about that room in the same way again).

We're here to make an impact on your health, planet, and Instagram. As a progressive plant based prepared foods brand, we provide thoughtfully prepared meals with a unique take on traditional dishes, including the elimination of certain high FODMAP ingredients found in many competing products.

Not convinced yet? That’s fine, just let your taste-buds decide.

xo Plant Daddy