How To: Handle Friends Who Don't Believe In Your Food Choices

Now this is a touchy subject, and it goes both ways. Keep reading if any of these sound familiar:

1.Your friends don't take into account your food choices when making a reservation or cooking. 

2.They order for the table without making sure you have something to eat.

3.They laugh when you say "I'll just have a drink" because they decided to go to a wagyu steak house.

4.Or maybe you just don't get invited to meals at all anymore. 

No one laughs at you for wearing glasses because it helps your poor eye sight (if so you need new friends). So why do some laugh when you don't eat meat because you want to help the rest of your body? It is a baffling phenomena that has been driving people apart. It is important to understand where it is coming from, and more importantly- that it doesn't mean these people love you any less. 

There could be multiple explanations for this behavior, ranging from the "set in their ways" mindset, to maybe they just don't believe in climate change, or clogged arteries from meat. It could also be that they are projecting, and feel as though you are judging THEM for their meat eating habits.

Either way, it is OK. It is ok to have friends that have different beliefs. It is ok for someone to sit next to you and order a burger. It is NOT ok to disrespect someone's choices. If you notice this, the best thing to do is talk about it- bring it to the surface and get them out of their comfort zone. Talking about these issues in a non-confrontational way will only help. The human race is understanding by nature. We are who we are because we have sympathy and compassion. If your friends care about you, they will listen and change their behavior. It might take more than one conversation to get through to them- but it is worth a lifetime of better meals with the people you love. 

You are not alone in feeling judged, disrespected, or not taken seriously. Just keep being you and stand by what you believe in. 



Plant Daddy